Eyes of God book by author Linda LaFlamme

Eyes of God – Expand your Vision… Revolutionize your Life!

Dare to be different. Dare to be you.

Our early lives, and very often our entire lives, are based on how we “learned to see”. We can expand our vision to create the best and most delicious lives possible. Are you ready to evolve to the next stage of your life as visionary creator? With expanded perception, awareness, clarity, and wisdom. And with greater happiness, new joys, and new possibilities. Join me on the journey of you…. and uncover the jewel within. You.

Perfect Vision

Perfect Vision is the ability to love what we see. To “see” heaven on earth. That is… to create heaven on earth. Because what we “see” is what is inside.

Color Spectrum

The joy and breadth of our lives and our experiences of them, our individual stories, are based on our vision spectrum that we allow ourselves to have and to cultivate.

Points of View

This world is made up of over seven billion people with seven billion different fields of vision and levels of vision, all seeing things differently, seeing different things.

Lens of Perception

Your lens of perception allows you to experience your world. We see the world and express ourselves through the prism of our unique personalities.


External technology in our world is a mirror to our human technology. As human beings we go through several stages of metamorphoses to become the latest and greatest revised highest technological edition of ourselves. Lean, mean computing machines…


Is something calling you toward a path, tapping you on the shoulder, whispering in your ear? Learn how to hear with clarity your destiny that is calling to you…


If it serves you, keep it. If it doesn’t serve you, release it. Set yourself free. You can re-learn or re-create the way you project and experience your world. Find out how…


Realize who you truly are and were always meant to be. If you touch even one life with your brilliance you can feel reward. For it is your expression itself that is the gift. Shine your Brilliance!


Love yourself, then enjoy more fully a relationship with another. Fill yourself up. You can’t give from an empty cup. Love moves you forward. And upward. And anywhere that you want to go.

Reviews for Eyes of God

Expanded my awareness, opened the door to greater happiness & discovery… I took the dare.. the journey was inspiring… Amazingly eye opening and beautifully written… Beautifully and soulfully written with love…
– 5 STARS!

5 STARS! Expanded my awareness, opened the door to greater happiness & discovery… This is a wonderful and insightful book that I have enjoyed reading and applying to my life. I enjoy the thought provoking questions that have helped me shift into seeing more possibilities, opportunities and love. Great book! Thank you
5 STARS! I took the dare.. the journey was inspiring… I took the dare..the journey was inspiring. Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge, with words, to help us make our own personal changes…
5 STARS! Beautifully and soulfully written with love… Inspirational, Uplifting, Empowering. Beautifully and soulfully written with love, faith, and respect for the innate power of humanity with all of its inherent potential.
5 STARS! Awesome Book & Title… This book is brilliant! Linda LaFlamme has done a beautiful job of explaining the journey inward rather than outward to find happiness. It will help you to create peace in your home, work, relationships and the world. It is written with a rich compassion for life and our human experience.
5 STARS! Amazingly eye opening and beautifully written… I received my copy of this book directly from the author. Let me tell you that it is life altering in the best ways possible. I am so happy I chose to have a hard copy, the margins are filling up with notes, the text is highlighted, it is now a staple on my bookshelf. Thank you Linda LaFlamme for putting your heart into this and sharing your insights with everyone. You are truly an inspiration. If you want to change the trajectory of your life, this is a good way to begin.

About Linda LaFlamme

Linda LaFlamme is an entrepreneur, author and inspirational thought leader. Her interests are focused in leading edge fields and in helping dynamic visionaries and luminaries, innovative businesses and pioneering entrepreneurs utilize all of their unexplored skills and innate resources to tap their creativity and develop new thought platforms and patterns. Linda invites you take a leap of faith to revolutionize your world and live your best life.

Highlights of Linda’s career have included founding an automotive consulting company that delivered revolutionary changes in the industry, a wellness and fitness consulting company, and a travel company to sacred sites and adventure destinations. She is also founder of a global wellness association, establishing professional industry standards, a community learning atmosphere, and progressive objectives for wellness professionals in over 50 countries.

Linda, whose last name does mean “the fire” or “the flame”, brings an energy and passion to her inspired work. A common theme in all of her seemingly diverse work is concretizing a vision and creating a platform to make the world a better place, to offer new solutions, and to empower those involved to create their best life. Linda achieves her mission through loving stewardship of her expressions be they businesses or other creative work such as books, music, or film.

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